Contact Us

You can contact us by email and we will keep you informed of the upcoming Satsanga in your area or you can request to meet in person. You can also reserve your copy of  “THE FINAL FRONTIER” which forms the basis of Vedanta. Vedanta is the new religion of the 21st century. It connects you to the Absolute source within yourself. The Book will be available by  March 25, 2019 at major publishers.

Satsanga requests will be entertained for a Vedantic group of ten or more people and so will be the speaking engagements for fifteen or more people for a fee if you are not associated with Vedanta or a Vedanti.


Annual Membership for Vedanta  is $600.xx  Used to organize Satsanga events and Social Reformation Projects.

The FINAL FRONTIER  is $ 55.xx, avaiable by March 25, 2019.

You can preorder, Become a member, organize a Satsanga by sending a email to friends @ or info@