About Vedanta

Vedanta is the new age dharma that rewrites the rules of religion based on old philosophy and direct spiritual experience. What exactly is religion? A set of beliefs that pitch one against the other but the reality is that there is one single consciousness that prevades all the universe including you. Realizing this through direct experience is what Vedanta stands for. As an indivdual moves on the spiritual ladder, the individual changes from within and that flowering of the consciousness will be felt near and far. Your perception will change and you will flow with nature or consciousness in total harmony and it will bring harmony to your internal and outer orchestra which is divided and fragmented at the individual level. Just look what is happening in your mind and surroundings, its all restlessness and chaos. No doubt, your lives revolve around work while other relationships fall apart and the competitive scenario is such that if you loose focus, you will loose that too. But it leads to disconnection with other people and nature and by the end of your life, you are your shrunken self.

Our 7 Core Values: We are a soiety of truth seekers and we want to create a community of like minded individuals who share the core values within the society and outside as well.

1. Be Yourself - means being True to yourself and to others. You will be authentic you, that is the way to live life. If you are constantly struggling with your inner divisions, I can put those to rest and introduce to a new you. What being yourself means is that you no longer divide anything with thoughts, you just stand behind it as a witness of Reality. You see yourself as a character like others and than you enjoy the whole diversity.

2. Truth, Love and Respect is what the relationship between the individuals in this Vedanta is based on. Love is unconditional so once you have love within yourself everything else follows. You will be loved, appreciated for just being you, truth will come so will be the appreciation of beauty in diversity in all and there will be no judgments, either for yourself or for others. You will flow in the rythm of life.

3. Satsanga -  means the company of the Self. Since we all come from the same source called consciousness, we think, Act and React etc. very much alike, so it gives a collective wave which could be either right or wrong. Vedanta follows the Rules of Dharma that we adhere to and make sure we are guided more by consciousness than by rules. Everywhere you have Laws and Rules, people try to circumvent it or the one enforcing can misuse it. But when you are grounded in Dharma, you will do the right thing. That is what should happen collectively all over the planet so we are all on the same page. For this to happen, we must all be at a higher level of consciousness than we are at right now. Satsanga is a gathering for the seekers of the Truth of life and being here, you will always go refreshed to your life. Life is much more than sitting on Laptop, gossiping etc. so we have Satsanga to explore and experience the deeper realms of Consciousness. We organize these Satsanga for Vedanta family and you are welcome to be a part of it.

4. VedantaFamily - We stick for and by each other in all the circumstances of life be it professional, family matters, business issues etc. we bring the best out of each other and move forward in material and spiritual life as one whole force. We stay loyal to the Truth and as such to each other, we help each other out. We are genuinely interested in each others progress in all areas of life.

5.Yoga Practice - Let there be no mistake that you can transcend the mind without practice. Samadhi is a stage that you reach after Transcending the mind. When the mind becomes no mind. That is our goal. Once you reach that threshold, the Divine power is too great to let you fall back. Transcending mind also means transcending time and space. Your physical form is the product or event in time and space, Life is a continuous flow of a instant or moment. Time and space are creation of the mind. Mind is required for Material world so accept yourself as you are and try to be witness of the thoughts without judgment to begin with. I can only give you tools, guidelines and navigation points but you got to practice and you can feel the progress and we can measure the progress, step by step.

6. No Gurus and Gods - Anyone who tries to give you a belief system is just wrong. We are trying to rid ourselves of all identifications in this world. To know the absolute consciousness, you have to become one with it. It’s simple and complex at the same time. Simple, because its essentially who we are and Complex, because there is mind to transcend.  God is a word that you can use for Generator, Operator and Destroyer. God is not a person but Absolute Consciousness and that can be known only by knowing your own consciousness or Yourself. Vedantis  are friends who are true to each other and love each other. Love is freedom for yourself and for others. Love never binds but sets you free. God is the only Guru, the Absolute. Everyones experience is different and so will be yours and you will be the only witness but as one who has already experienced the Reality, I can give you a structured approach and navigation points. I think Maharishi Ramana was silent for fourteen years when he gained realization. I don’t think we live in a world where we can be silent for fourteen minutes let alone fourteen years. That’s why we need a structured approach which will help us materially and spiritually, in all aspects of life.

7. Selflessness: Love is unconditional and service to others is selfless. Mind likes to divide and compartmentalize. Just look at how fragmented your life is and how flimsy are your interactions. Could you find a single person who loves you unconditionally. the peril of todays time is everything is measured in Give and Take. All relationships become a sort of transaction as soon as the covers of outer surface are scratched. Vedanta means all is you and you are all, there is no one else. A wave can see only a wave in the ocean, but if you go towards the surface you can see all waves. To say this from experience means you should have experienced the fourth state of Consciousness. the Fourth state is called “Turiya”. In that state, you are conscious of all three states as Waking, Dreaming and deep sleep. You are able to retain your awareness in all these states. Once you are in this  state, life becomes like a motion picture that you are watching. The more selfless and considerate of others you are, the more will you be at peace. You will simply be operating at a higher level of vibration, your mental focus and ability to focus and execute a task will increase exponentially.