NetObjects Fusion 2015    What is Vedanta? Vedanta is a old system of philosophy derived from the Vedas. I am providing ground to VEDANTA  philosophies by making them practicalin our every day life through Direct experience. Vedas as original texts are understood only by people who have experienced higher levels of consciousness to comprehend and interpret the right meaning and put it in ordinary language to be understood. But the shortcoming of communication is that no matter how important and learned a source the message may be coming from, the listener will understand and interpret in his/her own framework of knowledge and state of mind’s evolution. That’s the reason you have the Gurus to walk you through but over the centuries so much has been muddled up with just literary interpretations without the Teacher or Guru having the real experience. The result being quotations and interpretations from various texts which can be good for intellectual stimulation but no practical implication or benefit to the people. The reality is that to know the source you have to become one with the source. I have experienced the Reality as it is, Truth and Love are synonyms, you can experience that too. There is no greater Love than the Love of the Absolute because you are part of that Absolute lost in Relative values of life.  Its just being born again spiritually, but consciously. Samadhi is just this occurence,  when the experiencer and the experienced merge. The experience in intense just like a newborn can’t open its eyes even if it wants to. It lasts two months or so, deep intoxicated state. You are not and cannot be the same again, your whole perspective and perception will change automatically and you can function far more better and productively while retaining that state of Consciousness that borders deep sleep. This is the fourth state of Consciousness called “Turiya”, the rest three states waking, dreaming and sleeping are happening on the background of this state.  

 What is Vedanta Dharma:

We are concerned with the phiosophy in terms of understanding and putting those values into our lives for  leading a better overall life and serving its fundamental purpose but our emphasis is to get into the experience of the End goal of these philosophies. Moral Values +Truth +Love =Vedanta  Dharma.Vedanta is the new movement that stand for Spiritual, Mental, Physical and Meterial evolution by adhering to Core values of Friendship, equality, ethics in personal and business, helping each other in different spheres of life, creating love and happiness. The more Vedantists will spread light in outer world just by their Absolute presence and conduct. That is the vision for the whole world so everyone is a higher level of vibration in thoughtless awareness, drunk in the Absolute being of consciousness which will bring enormous levels of creativity  and love towards other beings. This is what we stand for and bring forth in everyday life. But the change comes from inside rather being imposed from outside. Any change from the outside brings conflict and chaos within an individual. The unsaid spiritual law is Be Yourself.  Your mind is very powerful and you cannot control mind through mind itself, you have to find a way to transcend mind to know the Truth or yourTtrue Self. If you are interested in history than you would prefer to gain some intellectual points over others than all the historical texts will serve your purpose but if you want to evolve in practice and real life, the historical knowledge about any religion won’t serve any great purpose for you or have any relevance. It will just give you a belief system to stick to and that’s about it. It’s ofcourse better than having none and leading a haphazard and broken life.  lThe Indian teachers and philosophers are so much enamored in the past that they end up creating more mysticism rather than demystifying it and making it simple for the people. Whatever I say is from direct experience and we take the best of both from past teachings and new ways to attain all goals of life. No matter who you are or what you are or what station of life you are in, what age you are etc. God’s love and grace is eternal and unconditional. You can find that too and you will find that you are That. My humble attempt is to help you balance your energies so an environment within you or rather your mind, can be created so you can attract the Divine grace of Samadhi. Our goal is to create a community or family of Truth seekers where everyone is welcome, appreciated and loved for who you are. You can learn, mingle, enjoy,be yourself, be of help to others, etc. without being judged in this Vedantic community.    You are the pure self, just got muddied with thoughts and desires. Desire can give you momentarily satisfaction and it’s good to an extent ut when it becomes a constant habit for the next desire, be certain that it has become a habit along with all the anxiety, trials and tribulations until that is fulfilled and then comes the thought - what next? until one day you find your physical form under the ground.

What is the Truth:

The Truth is that we are all one Consciusness that goes from the Subtle to the Gross or solid form. There is a Absolute Value within you called Atma or the Self that does not change but takes on different forms based on Karma etc. and that keeps this evolutionary process going. We are concerned with finding and identifying with that Absolute Self so the externals or Relative values that are constantly changing don’t bother you and you can access your true self which is absolute love and peace. Nothing that one could have experienced before. As you get deep into yourself, you will find fr yourself that all is one and that would fundamentally change your perception and perspective. Death really occurs because we become so rigid with our thinking patterns, likes and dislikes etc. that we move only horizontally within life from one thought to another, from one place to another, one belief to another etc. and the life is gone. It’s too late to put the inquiry in old age “Who am I”? By that time, you are more into issue resolution with body, relationships etc. We have evolved over the years and the thought maturity has risen to such levels in the West in terms of processes and material development that the Thoughts evolution can be tracked from Point A to Point Z but that is the end of it. America has risen because it did not have any burdens of history and people are open to experimenting and creating new things. West doesn’t have the Values that make life fulfiling and the East does not have the Systems and Processes in place that could lead to evolution of the entire thought process.In order to live a life at its full potential, we need develpopment both in spiritual and material terms. We you attain Wealth and are still empty from inside because you can’t connect to the other person at they are at different wavelength and the results are ften drugs and suicide.

What are you: 

Outwardly in your physical form, You are a collection of energies created in time and space. At some point, you have to dissolve back into the elements that you got i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Ether. We are constantly evolving and we all are students of life. The Truth is you came alone in this world and would go alone? Where did you come from and where would you go? We really don’t know. What we know is that there is a Absolute Value within yourself, that sees, hears, judges, contemplates, thinks etc. Fundamentally, You are that Absolute and you came to earth to discover that. You can read my book The Final Frontier and I say unto you “You are That which is Eternal”. Become your  own Guide and Light! If not now, then When?

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